“Voice of a Citizen” March 27, Time: 9:15pm.

 The Supreme Court continues to listen to and respond to on-going presidential elections disputes, which I must admit have been quite interesting and closely followed. Twenty-Two poll stations results are being re-tallied as ordered yesterday by that court and it should be done by tommorow. Meanwhile we had 47 newly elected Governors sworn in today while Senators are scheduled for tommorow.


“Voice of a Citizen” March 21

“Voice of a Citizen” March 21: Time 10:40pm.

Preparations are underway for the newly elected senators, governors, and members of parliament to join the August house early April. Religious leaders, politicians, media, and the Police keep resonating the peace message country wide. I recognize and applaud the peace &stability we’ve experienced is a part of the CHANGE our generation is longing for, keeping in mind an overwhelming majority of voters were youth.

“Voice of a Citizen” March 17, 3pm.

Its been a watchful week as we all resumed work, school and business. Also, the coalition for democracy and reforms (CORD) filed a petition to the supreme court seeking to nullify the presidential election results led by the Prime Minister Raila Odinga. We keep waiting to see how it goes..though its a very sensitive issue and it could affect even our economy which has not suffered because of the polls. Business has picked up and the mood reflects how ready we all are to work harder and achieve greater things this year individually and as a country. We hope our Courts settle the post poll cases well and soon enough and that those involved respect our law and that Kenyans voted and their voice must stand and count.

“Voice of a Citizen” March 9

“Voice of a Citizen” – March 9, 2.43pm.
“Its official! The 4th. President of the Republic of Kenya is now Uhuru Kenyatta. People are in jubilation and were also eagerly awaiting to see the Agendas proposed begin to be implemented. Biggest salute to all Kenyans -this has been the beginning of a better, historic & democratic Kenya!”

“Voice of a Citizen” – March 9, 6.45am.

“As it dawns we have a new president elect- the Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta!!! Now awaiting the IEBC to make official statements. People are already up and reports that acouple of them are celebrating across the nation. I really love and salute Kenyans for how much respect they have shown the electoral process and the calm wait. Waiting now to pull together ahead as one Kenya. After all, elections come & go and we remain. But HONGERA!”


“Voice of a Citizen” March 7-8

March 7, 1:40pm: 
“Loving the calm that has xterised this election week! We keep waiting for tallying and announcement to close so we can know for sure who will be our 4th president. That could happen by tonight. God bless Kenya!”

March 8, 9.30pm: 
“Tense atmosphere as elections near a close..and we get the new president elect. While i observe that we’re birthing a new Kenya, the question is are we new Kenyans? Our
perceptions, attitudes, priorities, values? I pray we BE.”

“Voice of a Citizen” March 6

A diary about the Kenyan Presidential Elections:
“Time 4:50pm. Day 2 after poll. Took a sleeping break to get some rest and clear nolstagic memories of march 4th, though it is hard because I’ve never been more proud to vote! There are celebrations across the nation already for the elected leaders and those who lost are accepting defeat, some amid difficulty. Most businesses remain closed and people are being urged to resume work, school etc. I must admit we’ve had a great run this time. The results reflect the people’s voice, the atmosphere is still calm and we’re seing a great deal of humility and patriotism. Those elected say its not them, but their constituents who have won and say they will reach out to even those they defeated and try work together. However, presidential results are streaming in rather slow since yesterday and its causing a bit of anxiety. But, the IEBC maintains we should wait patiently and they are allowed by law to tally and announce withing 7days after polls. We also had the presidential Diaspora (East Africa) vote come through today, which is new!”