“Voice of a Citizen” March 6

A diary about the Kenyan Presidential Elections:
“Time 4:50pm. Day 2 after poll. Took a sleeping break to get some rest and clear nolstagic memories of march 4th, though it is hard because I’ve never been more proud to vote! There are celebrations across the nation already for the elected leaders and those who lost are accepting defeat, some amid difficulty. Most businesses remain closed and people are being urged to resume work, school etc. I must admit we’ve had a great run this time. The results reflect the people’s voice, the atmosphere is still calm and we’re seing a great deal of humility and patriotism. Those elected say its not them, but their constituents who have won and say they will reach out to even those they defeated and try work together. However, presidential results are streaming in rather slow since yesterday and its causing a bit of anxiety. But, the IEBC maintains we should wait patiently and they are allowed by law to tally and announce withing 7days after polls. We also had the presidential Diaspora (East Africa) vote come through today, which is new!”

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